Kite Surfing

Altona Beach, Melbourne

Experience sheer exhilaration as you discover the balance between the energy of the sea and the power of the wind.

Don’t sit on the beach and simply watch; take your position within the bustling seascape and be exhilarated as you plunge between the salty horizon and the limitless clouds with the energetic Kite Board team at Sunseekers Melbourne.

Whether you are an experienced Kite Surfer or wish to take up Kite Board lessons, join the Sunseekers crew and participate in one of the fastest growing and most dynamic board sports in the world.

Utilising Altona beach’s ideal Kite Boarding shoreline, Sunseekers can provide everything you need to get started and keep going.

Learn to Kite Surf

develop all the basic techniques on the beach: from setting up the harness, wind considerations and controlling the kite, to launching and landing the board safely.

As you progress and build confidence, our qualified practitioners will empower you with the key skill set required to take to the water for some initial ‘body dragging’. Get a feel for the kite without the board, how to control and optimise body position and techniques to retrieve the board when the inevitable wipe-out occurs.

With total in-water support and positive feedback, instructors will be hands-on for your initial attempts, harnessing-in with you to get a feel for both kite and board as a combination, and developing total apparatus control with strength and confidence.

Further follow-up lessons and in-water practice to understand techniques to ‘kite up-wind’ will reinforce skills for the beginner and also help develop water awareness and water sport responsibilities as they share the beach with other users.

Meet your trainer



An Altona Local with a love of our beautiful beach, Paul has been Kitesurfing for 5 years at every available opportunity. With a background in Wind Surfing, Kite Surfing was a natural progression and one he quickly fell in love with.

Paul has a relaxed way of helping you to get the most out of your sessions. He loves to teach and loves to help people feel that incredible first moment - where you catch the wind - and stay on your board!

Qualifications include

  • KA Kite Surfing Instructor
  • VIC Boat Licence
  • Water Rescue
  • Senior First Aid
  • WWC (Working With Children)
  • Altona Surf Lifesaving Member

To begin your Melbourne Kite
Surfing adventure.

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