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Experience a magical start to the day! Book your Stand Up Paddle Sunrise Eco-Tour NOW.

Stand Up Paddle engages you
in more ways than one.

Synergise your mind with core strength and balance on peaceful Port Phillip Bay with Sunseekers Melbourne SUP Tour.

Starting at sunrise on the sand at Altona Beach, experience a different point of view as you stretch your body and SUP along the gentle coastline with a group of likeminded adventure-seekers.

Take in the fresh sea air and follow your experienced tour leader through a scenic workout, enhancing your fitness level whilst keeping both eyes on the horizon.

Experience a magical start to the day!

It’s a unique experience to watch the sun rise behind the City of Melbourne from Melbourne’s Inner Western Suburbs. It’s even more unique to experience it from a Stand Up Paddle Board! Out on the water you will also experience Altona’s Rockpools with their rich and diverse marine life. You will see schools of Fish, Stingrays, Starfish, Gummy Sharks, Weedy SeaDragons, Black Swans & more. Looking to shore, you will see the majestic Norfolk Pines that span the length of the beach and looking towards the Sun, you will see Melbourne’s Iconic City Skyline.

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Sunrise Paddle Eco-Tour

1.5 hours

Sun Seekers Stand Up Paddle’s “Sunrise Paddle Eco-Tour” starts early and lasts for 1.5 hours. We’ll provide all SUP equipment and instruction as well as a waterproof phone/key case & drinking water. We will also take photos for you on the water, so that you can share the experience with your friends.
What to Wear: Fitness Gear, Lightweight jumper (something you can wrap around your waist when you warm up), Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat.

What to Bring: Towel & Change of Clothes (Just in Case).

We will Provide Water, Post-Paddle Refreshments.

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Additional Info

You must be able to confidently swim 50m to join the Sunrise Paddle Eco-Tour.

In order to make sure you enjoy your experience, The Sunrise Paddle Eco-Tour is suitable for adults and teenagers (15+). We take a maximum of 6 people, with a required minimum of 4 in order to run.